Expedition destinations

After studying various web pages and book guides we’ve chosen some destinations of our tour of Chile which we’ll in fact travel through. Here are the main ones that we’d like to meet:

  • Ojos del Salado – the highest volcano in the world 6 893m
  • Atacama desert - the driest place in the world
  • Lakes and salt plains in the north of Chile, hopefully a short trip to Bolivia
  • The highest based geyser fields in the world El Tatio (4300m)
  • The largest open pit copper mine in the world Chuquicamata
  • Active volcano Villarrica
  • National park Torres del Paine
  • National park Los Glaciares (Fitz Roy)
  • Penguins colony in south Patagonia
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • Santiago we’ll leave for the end and celebrate the New Year’s Eve there :-)
  • And of course that we’ll be advised by locals

Well, two months is not too long time for such a long country ( 4000 km) and so many natural sights.

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    zdravíme tě a držíme palce ať vše zvládnete.
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